X-Booms is a Czech family company established in 2011. Our products are handcrafted booms made from the best carbon fibre to provide top quality. Using our own elliptic tubes allows maximum rigidity of the boom whilst delivering minimal weight. We use mostly natural cork grip for its superior feel while holding the boom, endurance and warmth during cold weather sailing. To keep the highest quality of our booms we use the best possible components like Ronstan® rollers, Clamcleat® cleats and a boom head of your choice. Our goal is simple; to produce the best booms on the market.


We produce the booms in sizes upwards of 5cm and you can adjust them up to 50cm with 1.5cm increments. We are able to make booms of your choice as well with different width than we describe in the chart on page for formula, slalom and wave booms. You can order our products directly from our website as we don’t use any distributors in the  EU. Thisguarantees the lowest price possible. Our Asian customers can order through EO company (Japan). The delivery time is between 2 weeks - 2 months depending on our current inventory. For EU customers shipping is free.