Why X-Booms?

Our booms are one of the stiffest on the market with less than 3% brittleness and we also give 2 years warranty.

You can choose your boom head.

We use tubes with narrow diameter (for slalom and formula – 27mm vertical x 31mm horizontal) which are easier to hold.

When you take apart the boom then both pieces are smaller than 175cm (incl. formula boom).

All the products are hand made by the company owner himself to give a personal service and guarantee the best quality.

How to choose the best boom size?

We recommend to use at least a 10cm longer boom than is recommended for your sail to guarantee the best rigidity and best position of the boom cleat which is located on the backend of the boom.

What boom head should I choose?

We offer for our booms the best boom heads on the market and for the slalom and formula we recommend:

  • Maui sails ®boom head for its balanced rigidity, flexibility and endurance
  • Streamlined ®boom head (SDM, RDM) for its rigid connection between boom and mast

For wave boom we recommend:

  • Severne ®boom head RDM

Why cork grip?

Our grip is made from cork which is natural material feeling good in your hands. The grip is also pretty warm (appreciated specially in the north of Europe), easy to repair and allowing tight connection between the boom tubes and backend to eliminate sand pollution.

Slalom X-booms classic or new shape?

Slalom boom classic has a rounder outline with widest point between the harness lines and back hand.

Slalom boom new shape has more parallel tubes with widest point between the harness lines and front hand (the sail is more upright and has more power) and is this model is our favourite.

Where can you meet us?

Our company is based in Czech Republic but you can meet us most of time in Tarifa (Spain) and the French event Defi.

How can you buy our products?

To guarantee the lowest price possible our strategy is to   sell our booms directly to our customers and you can contact us via email:info@x-booms.com

Our the Asian customers can contact the Japanese importer EO-Sports.

Delivery time depends on our current stock but usually is between 2 weeks and 2 months from the confirmed order.

Free shipping within EU. For countries outside EU, please ask us for quote.